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It's made me cry...

 I don't know what you feel after reading this entry. 
It's made me cry. 

Thank you on  a journey for sharing this...

After meeting Tun ...

After meeting Tun tonight, we left Mekah at 12am and arrived home one and half hour later. My wife opened the door, apologized and went straight back to bed. I thought I too would be too tired to stay awake more than necessary. I was wrong...

Once I switch off the light and pulled the duvet over, I was hit by a feeling of sadness. I tried to shake it off, but instead tears welled up in my eyes. In the darkness, from her side of the bed my wife asked, "Are you crying?"

I got up, moved to the living room and switched on my laptop. I had to write...


Tun was late. We didn't mind. We used the time to talk about Tun's great past; each of us has a story to tell.

We were informed that he and Tun Dr Hasmah went to do their Tawaf Widaq prior to their departure via a 2.00am flight. We were also informed that Tun had to take a short rest after the Tawaf. We understood and Prof Dato Wan Azmi the Chairman of Malaysian Business Council (MBC) Jeddah used his wisdom and modified the program.
"Afterall, we are here to show our respect and honor him..." I said and Dato Dr Daud of OIC nodded in agreement.

When Tun did appear, he was smiling and engaging with his gaze into the eyes of everyone who shook hand with him. Tun Dr Hasmah was radiant and as usual a couple of steps behind Tun never competing for attention nor place, drawing natural respect from everyone, friends and foes. There was no indication at all that he was tired, not even the slight limp in his walk. His aura filled up the whole space.

He took the seat reserved for him, and we gathered around him. The owner of the hotel, Sheikh Yussof Jamil was also present honoring the man we call Tun; loved by all except for the very few who dare not admit.

True to his stature as the best statesman we ever had, he spoke with pride about Malaysian talents overseas generally and in particular in Saudi.

"Of course we need you and your expertise back home, but we also appreciate that you are here to gain knowledge and experience which in the long run can only benefit Malaysia. Therefore, I would ask all of you to keep up your good work ethics, never get involved in scandals, and stay loyal to our country."

Also true to his intention of coming to Mecca for Umrah, he didn't say a word about the current scandals he has been trying so hard to bring to the fore in Malaysia. None of us asked and prompted the question. We respect him too much to drag him into such discussions.

After he finished his speech, he sportingly agreed for photography sessions with us, including with a group of Turkish Umrah delegates who knew he was there and came over to be photographed with Tun.

When I was close enough to him, I said, "Tun kami sayang Tun dan Tun, dan ramai lagi yang berkirim salam kepada Tun...Semoga ibadah Umrah Tun dan doa Tun diterima Allah..."
Tun looked at me for a brief second, without letting go of his smile and said, " Sampaikan juga salam dari saya kepada mereka..."

In the midst of the rush, I once again approach Tun and presented to him a copy of my book. I flipped open page 66 of "Masih Di Sini" and brought his attention to a picture of Malaysian flag on the page accompanying my poem titled 'Pedagang yang Pulang'.
I blurted out something like, "I have been away from Malaysia since 2000...16 years now...and the patriotism and loyalty get stronger with every year away..."

Once again he smiled, gazed into my eyes and said, "A long time...don't forget to come home..."

I offered to pass the book to his aide, but he said, "Tak apa, saya akan beri sendiri kepada dia..."
I saw a minute later his Aide came to take the book from him.
That to me is the humility we often failed to see in this man called Tun.
He is the nicest man of power I have ever known. What differentiates him from others is his sincerity - he radiates confidence with humility, engages with his smile and eyes, and he penetrates you with his sincerity.


There was nothing sad about meeting Tun tonight. It was a happy occasion. It was reassuring to say the least, that once not so long ago we had this man called Tun as our leader, our Prime Minister.
My tears were shed not for Tun. They were for the Tun we no longer have...I feel so sad for Malaysia. Tonight I saw that Tun is near to giving up...He loves the country and the party too much to bring up the fight to another level.

I just hope that maybe I am wrong; and that he will continue to carry the hopes of millions of Malaysians to bring back the glorious days!

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