Tuesday, October 18, 2011

atas nama seni...

Semuanya mahu dilondehkan, atas nama seni. Mengapa harus seni meninggalkan kebusukan begitu? Seni membiakkan kebencian mencetus luka perasaan. Inikah harga kebebasan yang perlu dibayar atas nama seni? Kebencian.

Bacalah catatan daripada barking magpie ini.

Not so perfect a harmony as depicted by the chauvinist Chinese!

I met an old friend at the pres club he works for a big corporation and asked me if I wanted to go see a musical titled "A Malaysian Musical Journey" (AMMJ) at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC). I said sure.So he gave me five complimentary tickets!
He said it was going to be good when the Solianos will start the night with my favourite Malay songs! I believed him!

Well, it turned out AMMJ was not what it claims to be. AMMJ should have been dubbed A Malaysian-Chinese Musical Journey, just one of those pathetic sad old story of how Chinese in this country struggled. No one else struggled just the Chinese.
But that is fine with me, they did help built the country, but please do not portray it at the expense of Malays, who were portrayed as a bunch of a marauding bullies attacking a Chinese man and his little daughter out to make a living.

When that scene of Malay-looking bullies was shown I bet you that crippled Chinese narrator was laughing so hard he would exclaimed "Niamah Melayu served you right!"
I was soooo looking forward to enjoying the show which I did, until that crippled Chinese narrator was jibing and making allusive and deprecatory remark on our prime minister by hinting the PM should, like Richard Nixon, resign because of being involved in an "explosive" in an unnecessary innuendo making reference to an alleged involvement of PM and the dead Mongolian woman.

Then this crippled Ciuniamah Chinese made an unnecessary political remark about Mahathir Mohamad and Maggi Mee, very degrading indeed!
In the final analysis the musical was indeed very Chinese in essence, laced with a sprinkle of P.Ramlee and few "lamed" Malay songs I did not stay to watch the second half of the musical I was disgusted.

Why can't a musical be a true depiction of the essence of the journey it depicts, why must a frustrated crippled Chinaman destroyed my evening with an unnecessary political statement and innuendos?

To people like crippled Patrick Teoh the narrator of the musical, without a good government do not for once think that you can stage a musical anywhere in this country.
In the morning when you switch on the light of you fancy apartment or a house you live in or turning on a tap to take a shower there is a government there, without a good stable government you will smell like a pig turd because in countries like Iraq, Egypt and Libya everyone smell, not as bad as you though, because they have no water and electricity.

Apakah kita harus luka-luka sepanjang masa?
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